I'm starting to lose a lot of faith in Newgrounds

2013-02-16 14:12:46 by Zirocket

Except for the audio portal... but I am starting to lose faith in Newgrounds because some of the people I have seen here make me sick to my stomach.

There is a user I did encounter here that even told her story on sharing porn and basically having underage sex with a 10 year old boy. It just makes me sick.

Just saying, I hope this all is a joke, but if it is all true, I lose 98% faith of all of Newgrounds, the 2% being imaTouko-chan and Chrausner and the bunch. Let's just say this: I pretty much lost appetite for going here anymore in the near future. Don't expect to hear from me for at least a month or so here except in the form of PMs or maybe a comment if you're one of my good NG friends.


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2013-02-19 22:51:17

My god, that is disgusting.

Don't worry though, despite the huge amount of spam, idiots, and disgusting people, there are just as many, if not more, people who... Don't suck.


2013-02-21 23:35:25

10 year old.. ugh.. nasty..

You can simple ignore it, there are always going to be jerks in any place (Although this example is rather disturbing)

Don't loss faith, Zirocket!