New Song

2012-09-29 17:16:29 by Zirocket

Goodness, it took long.

Go take a listen to it and please tell me what you think, would really appreciate it.



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2012-10-03 23:21:16

Very nice track. Some mastering problems, but very nice composition. You deserve more exposure than just 76 listens.

I might remix it if that's fine.

(Updated ) Zirocket responds:

Really is it that good? :DDD but I spent a LOT of time on this one.

Also, please enlighten me on "mastering". :(

Remix from you would be absolutely awesome!!!

Also, my focus is 90% on composition. 10% on instruments.


2012-10-28 00:49:44

i remember you when you SLIGHTLY contributed to this "ARPA"


Zirocket responds:



2012-10-28 10:16:17

Shit, I meant 'mixing' and mastering.

By mixing, I'm talking about EQing, Limiting and Panning. You've done well in the Panning section, but you've done bad in Limiting, as I can hear clips, especially in the intro. Use a limiter or lower the peak frequencies with a EQ (make sure to eliminate un-needed frequencies in the process -- such as eliminating treble and mostly medium frequencies in a bass). It should be easy to mastermind these concepts. Since you use a program I'm barely familiar with, I can only assume EQing on your program is done by turning knobs and raising/lowering a few bars. If you have a PEQ2, use it. It's the best Equalizer and mainly appreciated by many, including pro musicians.

By mastering, I'm talking about compression, which will result in making the song louder and possibly smoother and clearer. You need to be experienced in this fields, as it takes years to perfect. NOTE: mastering mostly eradicates clips and distortions under certain presets (such as lowering the dynamics) but creates clips and distortions by rising the dynamics. Make sure to keep the dynamics around 120/200 or something. And for mastering, you should try out iZotope Ozone 5, Sound Forge Pro 10, etc.

Why do I know all of this? I studied Mixing & Mastering concepts for one week already, lmao.

I'm late at replying, ain't I? =]


2012-10-28 10:17:37

*in this field

Bloody typos.


2012-10-28 10:20:58

Also, it seems that 'No Destination' has become your most popular song of 2012.

Zirocket responds:

It's not popular at all. I listened to it a lot to hear what flaws there are in the song so that I can improve...